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AI-Integrated Production Overview

NOTE: The below documents and standards are a work-in-progress and likely to change in the future.

Summary of the Codecademy AI Bill of Rights

Our learners and staff have the right to:

  1. safe and effective systems
  2. algorithmic discrimination protection
  3. data privacy, notice, and explanation
  4. human alternatives, consideration, and feedback
  5. human-centered learning experiences

Codecademy Curriculum's Stance

As AI technology progresses, it has become increasingly important to think critically about how we use AI in innovating our curriculum and process.


Below are some materials created to examine specific aspects of using AI in our day-to-day on the curriculum team.

  • Production Process: A description of specific stages of the production process and how AI could be utilized, along with the pros and cons of using it.
  • Review Guidelines: Set of guidelines to follow when using AI-generated content.
  • Research Findings: A summary of our observations from using AI in our productions
  • Prompt Templates: Specific templated suggestions for prompts to get what you're looking for.