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Video Article Production

Description / Purpose

Following this process will produce a series of video articles. "Video Articles" may be a bit of a misnomer, but what we are referring to is a collection of instructional videos embedded with assessments inside of interactive articles. These articles are then bundled together inside a module to teach a specific topic.

Video Article Production Processes

Step 1: Module Outline

The first step to producing video articles is to outline the entire module in which they will live. This module will typically include multiple video article. This outline should include:

  1. Number of individual articles
  2. Number of videos per article
  3. High level learning outcomes for each article, and specific learning outcomes for the videos themselves.
  4. Rough ideas of where assessments will be needed.

Once this outline is complete, it will be used as the framework for the rest of the production. Each subsequent step will flesh out and expand a specific component of this outline.

Step 2: Script Drafts

First drafts of all the scripts for the videos are created. These should be submitted for review as they are finished, not all at once.

Needs Review: Script Drafts

Step 3: Final Scripts

All necessary revisions to the scripts are made.

Step 4: Storyboards or Slide Decks

Depending on the type of videos, either storyboards or slide decks are created to be paired with the scripts to create the videos. If the video is a screencast, a slide deck is preferable artifact to submit for review. On the other hand, if the video is animated, this stage should be a storyboard of all key shots.

Step 5: First Cut of a Single Video

Next, the author will film a single video completely and submit it for review. This will allow the reviewing Curriculum Developer to ensure that the filming quality and styling are appropriate quality before we have invested in created every single video. The Curriculum Developer should share this first cut with a Brand Designer to ensure that all video guidelines are being followed.

Step 6: First Cut of all Videos

Once the filming quality and first video is approved, the creator will record a first cut of all the videos and submit them for review.

Step 7: Final Cut of all Videos

Any necessary changes are made to the videos and the final cut of the videos are recorded. The Curriculum Developer approves these videos and submits them to the Video Editor (consult your project manager to determine who this is), who does a final touch up and uploads the videos to the video hosting platform.

Step 8 and 9: Articles Created in Author, videos uploaded to hosting platform, and videos embedded in articles.

The content creator builds the articles in Author, takes the uploaded videos and embeds them in the articles.

Step 10: Assessments Created and embedded in Articles

Standalone assessments are created in Author and embedded in the Articles alongside the videos.

Step 11: Final Revisions

Now that the articles are 'complete' with the embedded videos and assessments, they go through on final round of review and revision.

Milestones/Deliverables for Production

These steps can be broken down into these discrete deliverables for external production. The duration of each step after the outline in the following table should be adjusted based on the total number videos that are being produced. For example, a module with 3 videos should not take as long to produce as a module with 15 videos. Use your best judgement as a project manager to estimate appropriate durations.

Deliverable Description Duration
Video Article Outlines Full outlines of each article with learning outcomes for all videos inside the articles. 5 days production + 2 days review
Script Drafts First drafts of scripts for all scoped videos are produced and reviewed. 8 days production + 2 days review
Final Scripts All revisions for the script drafts are incorporated and approved. 6 days production + 2 days review
Deck Creation / Storyboarding Depending on the type of video, slide decks or storyboards are produced. 8 days production + 2 days review
One video filmed + edited A single video is filmed and edited. 3 days production + 2 days review
All videos filmed + edited All videos are filmed and edited. 13 days production + 2-3 days review
Video Articles in Author Assessments are created, videos are hosted, and all video articles are assembled in Author. 10 days production + 2 days review
Final Revisions All necessary final revisions are made to the articles. 4 days production

Typically, because this process involves creating more than one video, many of these deliverables can be delivered in chunks. For example, the script draft of the first video can be turned in for review before the script draft of the final video is ready for review. This staggering of deliverables should prevent any major blocking of production by reviews. This strategy should be communicated and facilitated by the project manager, but the actual implementation should be handled by the Curriculum Developer.

Example Timeline

The following diagram shows the deliverables to produce an on-platform project in a day by day gantt-like chart. Light green days are dedicated to production, darker green days are when deliverables are due, and yellow days are when the content is being reviewed.

A diagram of the video article production process.