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Codecademy Curriculum Container Standards

This set of standards clarifies how the different containers (Courses, Skill Paths, Career Paths) should exist on Codecademy. Containers are the highest level of organization on the catalog and as we create more of them, we should make sure that we're following best practices in terms of meta data, slugs, and scoping.

Each set of standards follows the same format:


This section describes the container and the purpose it serves on the site.

Place in Content

This section describes how this container fits together with the content in what is known as the Content Service. It typically also contains a diagram.

Quality Standards

This section contains the standards themselves. The standards are broken up into four sections.

Meta Data

These are standards about the meta data of the container, including best practices for titling, creating slugs, and time to complete.

Example: Career Path titles are consistent with a specific job title or career (Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Web Designer)


These standards explain how the container is structured, including the average amount of content, how to title and give slugs to the containers inside of the main container, etc. Pay close attention to these standards when building out a container to be published.

Example: - Average amount of content: - Between 14-30 Tracks (referred to externally as "Units"), each with anywhere between 2 to ~10 Modules - Equivalent to 3-5 Skill Paths


These are standards about the language used within this container.

Example: Consistent tone throughout the Path Informationals (specifically, within the Introductory Track, Final Track, and Intro and Review Modules)

Pedagogy/Leaner Experience

These are standards about the pedagogical style of this container. How should this container be teaching a learner?

Example: Be a bootcamp replacement: like other coding bootcamps, this content should be oriented towards preparing a person for an entry-level position in the relevant industry.


The standards will finish with several examples of excellent pieces of this content type.