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Code Review Informational Documentation


An informational in a Career Path that invites learners to ask someone from their assigned cohort to review their project code.

Place in Content

Informationals are placed in their own Modules and come before the content that learners will be working on with their peer(s).

Quality Standards

Meta Data

  • Title is 'Code Review: [TOPIC]', the topic being whatever they're going to work on. Example:

    Code Review: React

  • Time for a learner to complete is 3 min
  • Slug will start with the career path specific acronym and then finish with the name of the content. Example:


  • Description is:

    You can learn a lot on your own, but you can learn even more when you collaborate with others!


See template below


  • Consistent tone across the entire article.
  • No typos or grammatical errors.

Pedagogy/Learner Experience

The learner should understand:

  • The purpose of the activity.
  • What content we suggest they should use.
  • That this is optional.
  • What a code review is.
  • The steps of a code review.


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  2. Published


Discord and Cohort Information

### Code Review in the CAREER PATH Path

As part of this Career Path, you will have the opportunity to connect with other learners to practice and apply your new skills. At this point in the path, **you are ready to conduct a code review**. Throughout the career path, we will prompt you at specific intervals to work with peers, but you should feel free to review code as often as you like to gain practice!

### How to Conduct a Code Review with Peers

#### Step 1: Learn about Code Review

We have compiled the best resources to get you prepared to do a code review [here in this article.]( Check it out! No need to read it all at once; this information is intended for reference.

#### Step 2: Find a Partner

[Visit your cohort](COHORT LINK) and reply to the thread asking if anyone else is seeking a code review. Alternatively, reply to someone else who is looking for a code review in a DM by clicking on their user name. Remember, both giving and receiving a code review are part of the learning experience!
Another option is to seek out a partner in the [CAREER PATH CHANNEL NAME channel in Codecademy’s Discord server](CAREER PATH CHANNEL INVITE LINK).

When you arrive, be sure to introduce yourself with the following information:
* What % of the path you have completed
* What timezone or country you’re in
* One fun fact about yourself

#### Step 3: Choose what to Review

Select which project you want your partner to review and ask them what they would like to have reviewed. We suggest the SUGGESTION project, which will help you SUGGESTION OUTCOMES Alternatively, have them review any previous project that you have worked on or any personal projects you're doing on the side. 

#### Step 4: Review!

Review some code! Here's an initial checklist that will apply to all types of projects. The specific project you are reviewing may have additional requirements:

1. The code runs and fulfills its intended purpose.
2. The code is efficient and handles errors gracefully.
3. The code has a consistent format.
4. The code is commented where necessary.

### FAQs

* **How will I remotely give a code review?**

 There are lots of tools available to help make the code review process easy. [Here’s a list of 12 code review tools.]( Alternatively, you can post your code in a direct message in either [the forums]( or Discord, and provide one another feedback right then and there. 

* **What will we work on?**

 We've made a few suggestions that align with where you are in the path. However, feel free to choose a different project in the Path or go over a personal project instead.

* **Do I have to do this?**

 Nope! But the curriculum developers at Codecademy believe this is a strong pedagogical tool for cementing your learnings as a new developer. Additionally, code reviews are a huge part of the software development process when working on a professional team.