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Releasing content can be broken up into four stages.

  1. Curriculum Content Complete
  2. Landing Page Launch
  3. Marketing Launch
  4. Post-Launch Bug Triage

The first three stages (for skill paths specifically) are covered in detail in this High-Level Skill Path Launch Timeline. This process should be run either by a cross-functional project manager or product manager, whoever is closest to the project and has bandwidth when launch is coming up. Because these stages are covered by the linked template timeline, we will not cover them in this documentation.

Post-Launch Bug Triage

The fourth stage, Post-Launch Bug Triage involves Curriculum Developer's being available for 1-2 weeks post launch to address any bugs that come up.

Looker Dashboards

Bugs are monitored through a looker dashboard. These dashboards show a the visits and bug reports on each exercise in the released content. For an example of one such dashboard, check out the Weekly Bugs and Visits - Build Chatbots with Python dashboard. To view the actual bug reports, click on the blue bars that show the number of reports. This will open a new window with a list of the actual reports to be addressed.

In addition to this dashboard, it is also helpful to create a simple Reports look for the new content container. These show all of the same bugs as the above dashboard, but give no information about visits or popularity of the content. The advantage of this look is that the bug reports themselves can be viewed directly in table form.

CQ Hand-Off

After 1-2 weeks of bug monitoring by Curriculum Developers, the maintence of the course is handed off to the Curriculum Quality team.