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Research and Planning

Description / Purpose

The topic has been picked, team has been assembled, so the first stage of course/skill path production is ready to begin: Research and Planning . The purpose of the Research and Planning phase is to flesh out the scope of the course and identify all of the pieces of content that will need to be created during the Content Production phase.


This stage should take 2 weeks for a course on an entirely new language or for a new skill path, or 1 week for an extension of a course that already exists or is in a language we already teach.


At the end of the Research and Planning phase, the Curriculum Developer(s) responsible for this course or skill path must deliver a Completed Design Document that contains

  • A full content item breakdown
  • a list of LTA requirements that includes sample exercises of the kind of code that will need to work in the Learning Environment
  • an estimation for the amount of ART assets that will be needed for the given course