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On-Platform Project Production

Description / Purpose

The purpose of this process is to produce a single on-platform project that meets the Project Content Standards.

On-Platform Project Production Processes

Step 1: Project Outline

Figure out what the general theme of the project is going to be, what the outcome for the learners is going to be, and a general idea of some of the steps that the learner will take to get there. If appropriate, at this time the author should be considering what learning standards will be practiced by this project.

Also, for any projects with external assets, this is the stage where those assets should be collected/requested/or created. An asset can be anything from a data set used for analysis, a splash image for a website, or a sprite sheet for a 2d video game character.

Step 2: Solution Code

The end product of the project is created. This can be anything from a website, to code for data analysis, to a working video game, but whatever it is at this point the author must create the working final version of it.

Needs Review: Project Solution Code

Steps 3 and 4: Project Draft in Author and Starting Code

The steps to create the solution code are drafted and added to author. Additionally, during this period the author considers what the "Starting Code" for the project is. What code does the learner already have access to and what code do they have to write themselves?

Needs Review: Project Draft in Author

Step 5: Final Revisions

Once the project draft in author is reviewed, all of the required changes and revisions are implemented. After this stage, the project should be ready for the general populace.

Step 6: Project Walkthrough Video

The final step is to request a project walkthrough video through the video board. Do this only once the project is live and on the site.

Milestones/Deliverables for Production

Here are the deliverables due when producing a Project content item: Total Duration of Production: 14 working days (includes 4 days of review)

Deliverable Description Duration
Solution Code The solution code and project summary. You will produce this deliverable in the most appropriate format that you and the Reviewer agree upon. 4 days production + 2 days review
Project Draft + Starting Code A draft of the project task groups and steps in a google document along with the starting code/workspace 4 days production + 2 days review
Final Project This deliverable includes the initial savepoint, final savepoint, and project checkpoints. You will produce this deliverable in Author. 2 days production

Example Timeline

The following diagram shows the deliverables to produce an on-platform project in a day by day gantt-like chart. Light green days are dedicated to production, darker green days are when deliverables are due, and yellow days are when the content is being reviewed.

A diagram of the on-platform project production process.