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Quiz Production

Description / Purpose

The following process will produce one quiz that aligns with the Quiz Content Standards.

Quiz Production Processes

Step 1: Review Learning Standards

Before starting a quiz, review all of the learning standards that are taught in the lesson(s) prior to the quiz inside of the module. The quiz should contain at least one assessment for each learning standard (it is okay to align a single question to multiple learning standards, if it assesses them fully).

It may be helpful to copy the learning standards into a google document before drafting assessments.

Step 2: Draft assessments

Draft all assessments in a google document.

Needs Review: Assessment Drafts

Step 3: Create quiz with assessments in Author.

The quiz is fully created in Author. Any feedback from the review of step 2 is implemented.

Step 4: Final Review + Revisions

Once the quiz is complete and in Author, it goes through one stage of full review (more doesn't hurt, but that's up to the team you are working on.)

Milestones/Deliverables for Production

Here are the deliverables due when producing a Quiz content item as a Content Associate. Total Duration of Production: 7 working days (includes 1 day of review)

Deliverable Description Duration
Quiz Draft Must include 8-12 multiple choice and/or fill in the code questions aligned to learning standards taught in the proceeding lesson. Draft can be produced in google docs OR Author, depending on preference of the Curriculum Developer. 3 days production + 1 day review
Final Quiz You must produce this deliverable in Author. 3 days production

Example Timeline

The following diagram shows the deliverables to produce a quiz in a day by day gantt-like chart. Light green days are dedicated to production, darker green days are when deliverables are due, and yellow days are when the content is being reviewed.

A diagram of the quiz production process.