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Quiz Standards

Description and Purpose

A quiz is a collection of multiple choice and fill-in-the-code assessments (where each assessment is an individual question) that is surfaced to the learner in a random order. It is intended to test a learner’s understanding of the learning standards covered in the preceding lesson.

Content Location

A quiz is a type of content item. It must be contained within a module to be surfaced to a learner. It is typically given to a learner after a lesson. It consists of a series of randomly ordered multiple choice and fill in the code assessments. The following diagram illustrates where a quiz exists within our content model.

A diagram of a quiz within a module.

Overarching Standards

Fields in Author



The description should provide a brief summary of what the quiz covers.

  • The description should include key terms when appropriate (for SEO purposes).
  • The description should be written in sentence case.
  • The description is not surfaced to learners.


The assessments that are included in the Quiz.

  • Standalone assessments cannot be added to quizzes, and quiz assessments must be created within each specific quiz. This can be done using the + or v buttons in Author.
  • The assessments are written in the order their subject appears in the lesson. This helps make quizzes easier to maintain
  • Quiz assessments are randomized when presented to learners.
  • Quizzes should use a variety of assessment types where possible.
  • Quiz assessments may be Multiple Choice Assessments or Fill-in-the-Code Assessments.



The title of the quiz.

  • The title is displayed to learners at the top of the article in the LE and in the course menu.
  • Titles should include key terms when appropriate (for SEO purposes.)
  • The word "quiz" should not be included in the quiz title field.


The slug is used to create a URI for the content item.

  • The slug is auto-generated based on the Title field though it can be edited.

Minutes to Complete

This field should be how long you think the quiz will take to complete.

  • This field is not surfaced to learners.
  • A minute per assessment can be a good baseline to estimate if you’re not sure, although harder or more conceptual topics may require more time (e.g. 3 min/assessment).

Credited Authors

This field allows you to add an associated author(s) to the item.

  • For now, this field is not publicly visible, but is helpful as a reference.

Access Control

Curriculum developers use this field to determine whether a Free or Pro audience has access to this item.

Linked Content

Learning Standard List

This field lists the learning standards associated with the quiz.

  • Every learning standard associated with an assessment in the quiz should be listed in this section.

Containers That Use This Quiz

This field is auto-generated and will populate any containers that contain this quiz.


  • Learn Swift: Loops Quiz uses a mix of conceptual and syntax questions. Asking for the outcome of some code or identifying a bug are both effective assessment strategies