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How to Use GSuite

We rely on the GSuite for collaboration, productivity, and storage. We use Google Drive and Google Calendar during content production. For more information about GSuite, check out the Google Help page.

Google Calendar

The Project Manager or Curriculum Developer must set up meetings after production kickoff using Google Calendar. All meetings must be held virtually using Zoom conferencing.

Google Drive

All folders for production teams reside in the Curriculum Development folder in the Codecademy Google Drive. Each dedicated folder will be set up by the Project Manager with the corresponding files as follows:

A breakdown of the dedicated Google Drive folder set up

Inside of the dedicated Google Drive folders, team members can expect to find documents and other production assets including:

Document Description
Syllabus and Timeline This document is created by the Project Manager to hold the project timeline for the entire production team and the syllabus that lays out the content flow.
Learning Standards Document This learning standards document holds all the learning standards created by the Curriculum Developer or Content Contributor to help define the content vision; this may be accompanied by a course design document covering a high level outline and scope of the content.
Module Plan Document The module plan document will hold the deliverables, deadlines, and resource links for Content Contributors.
Lesson Outline Template The lesson outline template is the skeleton that illustrates the lesson at a high level.
Project Instruction Template The project instruction template illustrates the series of tasks that lead the learners to the end result of the project serving as guided practice.
Feedback Tracker This is an optional document for the Content Contributors and Curriculum Developers to communicate and track feedback during production.
Meeting Notes This is an optional document to record notes during internal or full team meetings.

Please store all assets in your team's Google Drive folder for visibility, easy sharing, and version control.