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Payment Tools


We use Justworks for human resource management. You can refer to Justworks for your paystubs and tax information. For more information on Justworks, check out the Justworks Help Center.

Justworks Hours

We use Justworks Hours as a time tracking platform for part-time employees. Justworks Hours's time tracking integrates with Justworks' payment processing platform to simplify the payment process. Justworks Hours is available via desktop website and mobile application for Android and iOS devices. For more information, check out the Justworks Hours Support Center.

Justworks Hours Projects

In addition to tracking hours, we use Justworks Hours to keep track of what types of content everyone is working on. To accomplish this, we use Justworks Hours Projects (not to be confused with our content types, on-platform projects and off-platform projects).


  1. Once you've created a shift, Justworks Hours allows you to add Projects from the shift details section. To do so, tap on 'Add Projects to Shift'.

  2. This will bring up a list of Projects available to you. You can also add new Projects to this list by tapping on 'Add a Project'. You can select as many Projects as you'd like from this list simply by tapping on them.

  3. Any Projects you select will now appear on the Shift Details screen. To add time to a Project, tap on the Project from this list. In the Project details window, there are two ways to add time to a Project in a live shift.

  4. You can tap on the green 'Start Timer' button. This will start a live timer that will run as long as your shift is active or until you tap on 'End Timer'.

  5. You can also tap on 'Add Time to Project' to add time manually.

See the table below for a list of all of the Justworks Hours Projects and when to select them:

Project Name Description
Article Every step of creating an article, including the outline, drafts, and inputting in Author
External Resource All work related to the External Resource content type, including identifying the resource(s) and inputting them in Author.
Lesson Every step of creating a lesson, including the outline, narratives, checkpoints, and inputting in Author
Meeting Any time spent talking with your team or Curriculum Developer via phone or video call outside of onboarding
Onboarding Orientation tasks such as reading documentation, training, project kickoff meetings, and initial research on the topic of a course
On-Platform Project Creating an on-platform project, or a project that is completable within the LE. Includes solution code, starting code, and inputting in Author.
Off-Platform Project Creating an off-platform project, or a project that requires work outside the Codecademy platform. Note: Off-platform projects are the less common project type. If you are unsure of which type of project you’re creating, just ask!
Practice Content Producing practice content including multiple-choice and fill-in-the-code assessments, review cards, and code challenges.
Project Walkthrough Video Creating a specific type of video in which you complete an on- or off-platform project while explain your thought processes to the viewer.
Quiz Creating a quiz and inputting it in Author
Video or Video Article Creating videos other than project walkthrough videos
Content Maintenance Improving existing, previously published content in the catalog.
Content Review Reviewing and providing feedback on content produced primarily by a Curriculum Developer or another Content Contributor.

Note: In addition to the Project field, you may occasionally need to use the Location field when creating Justworks Hours shifts. The default entry in the location field is "Codecademy - Please Select ...". If you are working on something besides a course or skill path, please change the Location field to "Outside of course/skill path". This is not a common situation, but if you work on a special project ouside of normal production you'll want to keep the Location field in mind.

Justworks Hours UI

Lastly, we've included gifs demonstrating a couple useful functionalities in the Justworks Hours UI:

How to Add Projects to Shift in Justworks Hours
How to Add Projects to Shift in Justworks Hours

How to Add Notes to Shift in Justworks Hours
How to Add Notes to Shift in Justworks Hours

How to Add Breaks to Shift in Justworks Hours
How to Add Breaks to Shift in Justworks Hours

How to Delete Shift in Justworks Hours
How to Delete Shift in Justworks Hours

We use the invoice processing service to pay contractors and keep a record of all invoices. requires a specific invoice template, if you need access to this template please reach out to your project manager. For more information, check out Support.