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Valid Workspace:File Extension Combinations

Workspace Extensions
angularjs js
asp-dotnet dotnet, cs, fs, vb
babel js
babelnode js
c++ cpp
dotnet dotnet, cs, fs, vb
golang go, golang
java java
mongodb same as default
node js
php php
project same as default, but does not run an HTTP server by default. Avoid when possible
python python, py2, python2
python3 py, python3, py3
r-static r, Rmd
rails rb
ruby rb
sass same as default
sql sql, sqlite
static-web any, but will not "run" code, it will serve files to the Web Browser component
swift swift
typescript ts, tsx

Deprecated workspace (do not use)

Workspace Extensions
codex-python python
codex-ruby rb
default cpp, dotnet, go, java, js, lol, py, py2, php, r, rb, rmd, swift, golang, py3, python, python2, python3, cs, fs, vb
javascript js
static same as default