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Each team member plays a crucial part in moving content from concept to completion. It's important that you understand the roles, responsibilities, and effective communication for the team.


An image depicting the various roles on a content production team. This image includes the descriptions for the Curriculum Developer, Content Associate, Subject Matter Expert, and Project Manager roles. If you have any questions about the roles, please reach out to your Project Manager.


The best communication methods are Slack and emails. We suggest checking for email at least once each day and checking the Slack channel frequently on weekdays. If you have any questions, concerns or blockers, please reach out to the Project Manager and they will address the issue as soon as possible. If you have questions about content, please email the Curriculum Developer(s) leading the project.

Slack is good for real-time problem solving and rapid communication, light discussion, or the day to day small requests.

Email is for sensitive information (i.e. human resources related discussion), communicating with additional external parties, or communicating something with a lot of detail. Any changes to timelines or process should be communicated by email.

Code of Conduct

To learn about the company's operating procedures, values, and policies, read the Codecademy Employee Handbook.